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Heavy Transportation and Movements

The transport of materials of any kind and size to and from any national or international direction is part of the services offered by T.T.M.
Choose who moves your assets; artwork; your machinery; vehicles; safes; armoured cabinets; pianos; crystals and everything that requires a particular commitment to handling, means relying on the experience and specific equipment of those who, like us, have been in the field for some time.

Relying on the professionalism of T.T.M. above all, it includes having transport insurance which includes theft; fires and damage to transported goods.
For us, every trip is a mission to be completed in the most efficient, comfortable and fastest way for our customers.

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When we talk about logistics, we obviously mean the set of operations related to the destination and storage of material goods and products of large industry.

It is therefore a coordination activity that T.T.M. has been carrying out since 2001 throughout the country and abroad, placing the utmost commitment; professionalism and guaranteeing the optimal solution for your travels in total safety.

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